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Texas Group Says "Let My People Go"

A Texas group wants to shut down a dentention center for illegal immigrants awaiting deportation. Illeagal immigrants are subject to running water, three meals a day and a warm place to stay while staying in the center.

The group wants the government to release some illegal that aren't considered a flight risk. Illeagal immigrants, a flight risk, that is perposterous. The group states that released illeagals will come back when their court dates come up. Its hard to believe that someone that broke the law coming into the country would break the law again.

The small minded Texas group said they have seen small children crying in the center, yes, crying. It is an abomination that a child is crying due to only the detention center. Sneaking into the country in the dark of night over hundreds of miles is like Disney Land for children. These parents have made a good decision.