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The Source of Obesity Found

It has become apparent to many in our society that Americans are getting fatter.  Some have tried to find the cause to this crisis.  People have blamed the fast-food industry, the inactivity of the US work life and other possible causes. 

Over many tedious hours of serious scientific study I have come to a conclusion on this subject. 

Evolution has kicked it up a notch.  In the face of people living longer than ever before and the planet being taxed to the limit with resources and pollution, evolution has come to save us. 

Evolution has started to make the American public fat.  Really fat.  Thus decreasing life spans and decreasing health in general. 

Fat people around the US can share a collective sigh.  Alas, it “really” isn’t your fault, and you can believe that.  It is just evolution keeping our lives in balance.

And if you don’t believe in evolution, then you’re just fat.  Get up and do some exercise.



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