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SWM seeking woman
ANY please I’m desperate
to procreate.
Like walks in park.

Short Stocky Bald man
seeking bombshell
don't worry I have money.
Bipolar Male/Female seeking
same. Call Pat.
Woman seeking honest
caring patient man.
Pregnant woman seeking
babies daddy. Please responed
within 2 months.
Mongoloid spastic underwear
model with extra limb
(you guess where?)
in search of bottlenosed
dolphin and extra prickly
cactus juice.
Soup is good food.
looking for a cheater, abuser,
alcoholic man to leave me
while 6 months pregnant,
oh it happened already.
Thanks Dan
Man seeking live stock/ partner.
Preferably under 300lbs.
Call Jeb
2Women seeking man 4 3way.
Come to dead-end under
overpass at midnight in
downtown. Bring wallet.
I love rain, I can love U2.
Like fried spam and double-wides.
I burn my trash in a barrel
as my heart can burn
for you. Seeking cousin
or member of squirrel family.
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